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Introducing AppOptics Support for Ruby

By Kevin Goldberg on February 27, 2018

We developed AppOptics to be a powerful, yet affordable application and infrastructure monitoring solution geared for nearly every environment. You may have already noticed that we added support for Ruby to go along with Java, Microsoft .NET, Python, PHP, and Scala languages that are now generally available—with more to come. Now you can see Ruby performance in real time either within the service tier or across your entire distributed application. Not everyone’s environment is structured the same, so we’re building a massively flexible tool to support a wide variety.

Out of the box, see Ruby performance with support for dozen of gems and the most popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Grape, and Padrino.

The Ruby APM agent provides automatic tracing and metrics for Ruby applications, including distributed tracing across HTTP clients such as Net::HTTP, Faraday, RestClient, excon, HTTParty, and more. You’ll also see performance insight into your background services like DelayedJob, Sidekiq, and Resque without any code changes. Like with our other languages, you’ll also gain visibility into cache and database performance automatically.

To view our full supported frameworks and clients, please see our knowledge base.

Since the appoptics_apm gem is hosted on RubyGems, you can install the Ruby agent by adding gem ’appoptics_apm’ to the end of your Gemfile. The agent will instrument automatically with Ruby on Rails. For other Ruby applications, you can install the Ruby agent simply by calling require ’appoptics_apm’ after the other gems are loaded.

Learn more here or give it a try for yourself with our 14-day free trial.

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