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Introducing AppOptics: Seamless Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

As applications become increasingly distributed and difficult to manage, teams juggle disparate monitoring tools. Dashboards and alerts from host monitoring, cloud infrastructure metrics, application metrics, and distributed tracing may all be in different monitoring tools.

AppOptics takes a different approach: an extensible application performance management (APM) and metrics platform that grows with your team. It’s a zero-configuration APM with distributed tracing, host and IT infrastructure monitoring with dozens of integrations, and custom metrics that all feed into the same dashboarding, analytics, and alerting pipelines.

It’s hard for a new product to do so many things well at the same time, which is why we cheated: we’re building on the technology, feedback, and love that our team put into Librato and TraceView. And we haven’t left the past behind—you’ll find all your favorite features from both products in AppOptics, plus a few things that are just plain new.

We’ve been using this monitoring tool, and now we’re excited to share it with you.

Trace and visualize your application bottlenecks. AppOptics provides a real-time view into traditional and distributed applications by collecting both high-fidelity metrics and detailed transaction traces across the entire application topology. Leap quickly from visualizing trends to deep root cause analysis.


Broad APM language support with auto instrumentation. AppOptics monitors a broad set of languages and frameworks for immediate visibility leveraging simple auto instrumentation. You won’t need any manual instrumentation or configuration to get distributed tracing and detailed metrics.


Easy-to-use IT infrastructure monitoring leverages large open community. The AppOptics host agent is driven by an open-source community deeply invested in monitoring solutions. Whether you’re looking to monitor a single database or a fleet of services in Kubernetes, you’ll find an integration ready—and all the metrics are available for charting and alerting instantly.


Converged dashboards, alerting, and management for APM and infrastructure monitoring. AppOptics removes the silo between APM and infrastructure health metrics, allowing users to build combined dashboards and set advanced alerts. Metrics are easiest to cross-reference when they’re side by side in the same dashboard.


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