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AWS Re:Invent 2017: Wednesday Recap

By AppOptics Team on November 29, 2017

For today’s installment of #TraceMyDay, it would only be appropriate to supplement our bottleneck reporting with some “heard on the floor” sentiments. Spoiler alert: The lines have been long. But, that’s what we’re here for – to increase throughput for re:Invent goers, despite logistical latencies. Here is what we learned from our tracing today:

  • Keynote cache locations: The main AWS re:Invent keynote at the Venetian today drew significant crowds – potentially even more than originally expected (a theme we’re seeing this week). Those who had a feeling they might not be able to get in, or just didn’t want to deal with the crowd, had several seats to choose from in the Aria overflow auditorium and MGM overflow location, which leads us to the next theme…
  • Take advantage of the overflow: A pro tip for sessions you think will be full – like today’s State of the Unions on AWS Storage, IoT and Alexa – or ones you would like to attend but unfortunately can’t be in two places at once (if only we could spin up human redundancies…) is to turn to the trusty re:Invent app to see if there is an overflow venue in your location. If there is, and if the overflow is in one of the theater areas, be sure your mobile device is charged and connected because you will have to download an app to listen in.
  • Booth bandwidth: Despite the large crowds, for the most part, booth bandwidth has been holding up in both the main expo in the Venetian and in The Quad at the Aria. Well done, vendors! The good news is, there is still time to experience demos. We heard the AppOptics demo at booth #228 is a must-see.
  • Haven’t walked enough?: Good! There are fitness options for you. Take it from the ReTracers who opted for a spin session on Wednesday, the Thursday bootcamps will be a great way to re-energize instead of reaching for more caffeine.
  • Putting the “crawl” in pub crawl: We were all spoiled by the incredibly efficient and well-stocked welcome reception in the main Expo on Tuesday night, so the bottlenecks at the pub crawl proved a bit difficult. Luckily with some live-action distributed tracing, the ReTracers were able to beat the crowds, heading to MGM Grand after seeing the traffic volume at the Venetian.

#TraceMyDay Wednesday Results – Re:Invent

Tomorrow is the final installment of #TraceMyDay, and we still want to hear from you about areas of the re:Invent campus we can monitor to help improve your onsite performance. We visualize bottlenecks in real time, just like SolarWinds’ new AppOptics application performance management (APM) solution, so you can get back to experiencing all that re:Invent has to offer.

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