A comprehensive set of turnkey infrastructure integrations

Including dozens of AWS and Azure services, web, database, network, containers, orchestrations like Docker and Kubernetes, and more.


Complete visibility into the health and performance of applications and their underlying infrastructure

Quickly pinpoint the root cause of performance issues across the stack, down to a poor-performing line of code


Custom metrics and analytics

Analyze custom infrastructure, application, and business metrics

View Custom Metrics Monitoring Info
Powerful API that makes it easy to collect and create any custom metric

Achieve ultimate visibility and enhanced troubleshooting with synthetic and real user monitoring


Free APM Software

Catch bugs early on, and gain full visibility and insights into the applications you’re developing

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Free, full-function APM tool for testing and troubleshooting application performance before moving into production

Dev Edition includes five traces per minute, 100 metrics, three hosts, and six containers


Log Management and Analytics powered by SolarWinds Loggly

Integrated, cost-effective, hosted, and scalable full-stack, multi-source log management

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Collect, search, and analyze log data in addition to your metrics and traces to quickly pinpoint application performance problems

Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by quickly jumping from a trace or host view into the relevant logs to accelerate troubleshooting


Digital Experience Monitoring Powered by SolarWinds Pingdom

Make your websites faster and more reliable with easy-to-use web performance and digital experience monitoring

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Add client-side web application performance monitoring. Provide maximum observability by adding the user’s perspective.

Achieve ultimate visibility and enhanced troubleshooting with synthetic and real user monitoring


Like many, I entered the tech industry young and relatively quickly after graduating from university. In those first weeks, I expected to be out of my element while I learned about the company, my job, and what it meant to be a full-time employee. And though I couldn’t tell you much about what I did while I acclimated, one memory (or a memory of a memory) has stayed with me: my seeming inability to communicate in the way my seasoned peers did. At almost every meeting I was in, someone wanted to circle back on a topic or discuss a team’s bandwidth. It left me longing to speak the way they did to fit in. Because even though I know English, this corporate and “techified” jargon was completely new to me.

I spent the next months (even a few years) drinking the Kool-Aid. I ate up all the dog food until I was unironically referring to small tasks as “low-hanging fruit” internally and externally calling release features disruptors and/or robust and/or game-changing.

I didn’t realize what was happening until I was telling a friend about my day and explaining the morning sync I had with my product manager, the company-wide All-Hands meeting I attended, and the 1×1 meeting I had with my boss. My friend looked at me blankly and responded, “So you had three meetings.” When I started to respond back with “not exactly,” I laughed because technically, yes—they were just three meetings. And over the course of several weeks with similar conversations, I had to come to terms with a terrifying thought: I’d become a full-time spewer of marketing, tech, and corporate buzzwords.

In just a few years, I’d gone from longing for these overused phrases to be part of my natural vernacular to loathing the fact they were. So, as I actively try to wipe them from my head, I thought I’d share the experience with the SolarWinds® AppOptics community and see what you all think are the bad, the ugly, and the outright worst when it comes to buzzwords. This will be a series to cut through buzzwords, dissect them, and—of course—give my unsolicited opinion of them. In the coming months, expect to see technical terms, tech-adjacent terms, and the terms keeping the corporate world spinning, including the following:

But this isn’t all, and I’d love to recruit YOU to tell me the buzzwords you hate the most. Head on over to this post on THWACK® and comment the words and phrases that irk you to your core, and we’ll cover them.

See you back here soon!

In the meantime, here’s a shameless plug: at SolarWinds, we’re all about simple—especially when it comes to application performance monitoring (APM). So kick those buzzword-fluffed alternatives to the curb and try out AppOptics free for 30 days.

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